Verdugo Hills High School

Welcome to Verdugo Hills High School! We are a "Triple-A" School! Academics! Arts! Athletics! They ALL matter at Verdugo! We are also an approved LAUSD School for Advanced Studies (SAS) School! We have a Late-Start Schedule most Tuesdays when staff reports at their regular time, but classes start at 9 am. We have openings for both 2015-16 and 2016-17 in both magnets and the regular school. Call us at 818-951-5400 for a tour! Find your passion. Find your path. Verdugo Hills High School!

Apply for the New Visual and Performing Arts Magnet!

The Verdugo Hills High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy Magnet Proposal was approved by LAUSD School Board on October 9, 2012. Students currently in 8th grade, especially those at private and charter schools, are encouraged to apply for 1 of 120 slots (approx.) for ninth graders starting in 2013-14. The cutting edge program will include integrated instruction/linked learning, the development of 21st century skills, and a sequential and comprehensive choices within each academy program (visual arts, music, drama, and dance). Class of '17 may also apply for one of the openings in the Multimedia/Communications Magnet at Verdugo or in the spring apply as a neighborhood student or through the open enrollment process. There are many paths that can be taken to become a Don! To apply to one of the magnets, go to
Verdugo Hills VAPA Magnet 1891403
or apply to our original magnet.....
Verdugo Hills HS (Multimedia/Technology)
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