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Introduction to the Magnet Schools

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The Media Magnet at Verdugo Hills High School

For the last ten years, the Media Magnet has been one of LAUSD’s top ten magnet schools in math and English. We expect all of our students to graduate ready for college. We offer a full range of honors and Advanced Placement courses. Our students can also take free college courses (for high school or college credit) through our partnership with LA Mission College and Glendale Community College. 

All students accepted into the Media Magnet study the fundamentals of visual communication and digital imaging during ninth and tenth grades. During eleventh and twelfth grades, students take advanced communication arts electives of their choice—character design, digital imaging, comedy improv performance for video, video production, and/or Media Magnet Showcase production.

The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet at Verdugo Hills High School

The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Magnet is celebrating its 4th year and serves 9th-12th grade. The VAPA Magnet specializes in traditional arts and entertainment. VAPA students start with an introduction to theater, dance, music, and the visual arts. Advanced students experience depth of study in their chosen area of art. 

We offer the A-G graduation requirements, honors and Advanced Placement courses in multiple subjects. As well, we provide a personalized approach for our students as we guide them through high school years and help prepare them to be career and college ready.

ARTS EVERY YEAR: VAPA students take a minimum of one art class each year!

VAPA students have a multitude of opportunities to participate in concerts, shows, exhibits, festivals, competitions, tours, workshops, arts related field trips and our guest speaker series. 

VAPA juniors participate in an arts related job shadow and a spring showcase.

VAPA seniors participate in an arts internship and the senior showcase.




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