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Located at The foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, in the East San Fernando Valley, is Verdugo Hills High School (VHHS)- home of the proud DONS.

Since opening its doors in 1937, VHHS has offered a distinguished and highly respected curriculum that has inspire generations of students to continue their studies at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country.


With a highly accomplished team of dedicated educators and faculty, we champion Passion, Achievement, Community, Culture and Legacy for our students and alumni.

Yuca Plant


              VHHS's emblem of honor, the Yucca Plant is known for its resilience.We align our academic beliefs with the uniqueness of the plant,providing students an enriched study that incites deeply  rooted success.





A yuca plant VHHS's emblem of honor


The secret of our success starts with PASSION, which is fostered through three thriving academic communities.  Students can pursue their unique interests and build relationships with like-minded peers and faculty.  

VHHS programs help students prosper and achieve the academic excellence for which we are historically known. Dons have the freedom to take courses from all communities, which includes an extensive Advanced Placement (AP) program and the Capstone diploma.







We’re proud to share that our campus hosts academic, artistic and athletic champions. We boast milestones of ACHIEVEMENT from AP exam pass rates that exceed the national average, an award-winning arts program and an Academic Decathlon team to clinching multiple CIF Championships, including:



Our beautiful and historic campus is located in a safe, peaceful COMMUNITY. We service a smaller student body than all of the surrounding comprehensive high schools. This helps students cultivate strong friendships and sustain consistent guided relationships with  teachers and faculty that result in a positive learning environment.

We reflect racial and ethnic diversity in all of our programs to broaden CULTURAL awareness; we feature an exclusive academic intervention and enrichment program allowing for greater personalization, concentrated learning and a thriving social environment for all students.






At VHHS we continue to inspire generations, commemorate dreams and uphold the LEGACY of shaping tomorrow’s world leaders and professional game-changers.

We celebrate individual talents through our many diverse social clubs, activities and distinguished academics, representing areas of: 
• Arts & Entertainment
• Science and Technology
• Leadership and Community Service
• Health & Wellness
• Humanities
Our students score higher than state and global                              averages on a wide array of AP exams including: 
• Music and Visual Arts
• English
• World Languages
• Social Sciences
• Mathematics
• Computer Science