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Work Experience Education

Complete these steps to receive your work permit.

1. Print out this Intent to Employ a Minor form.

2. Complete the top 4 portions including your signature, parent/guardian signature and new employer information and signature.

3. Bring completed form to Dr. Peterson in the Academy Office.

4. Allow for 24 hours for application to be processed and printed.

Cynthia Hossain in Target work attire.
Alondra Romero cleaning dishes at work.
Selena Ortiz at work
Ariza Nava in work attire.
Ezabelle Abadjian in In-N-Out work attire.
Student in Harry's Hot Chicken work attire.
Yadira Rodriguez in Pizza Hut work attire.
Andres Lopez in Popeyes work attire.
Alondra Acosta in In-N-Out work attire.
Makayley Washburn in Vons Pharmacy work attire.
Victor Bedrosian working at a computer.
Maria Serrano in work attire.
Sonny Lopez in the kitchen of Panda Express.
Student at work.
Masooda Haidari in McDonald's work attire.