Verdugo Hills High School

ECS (Exploring Computer Science) (Period 3)

Course Description

ECS (Exploring Computer Science)
ECS is meant as an introduction for A.P. Computer Science, introducing and preparing students for programming computers in languages such as Java and striving to increase the number of students for A. P. Computer Science.

1. This course is A - G credit approved.
2. The course entails:
    a. Intro to computers:
        i. Computer hardware.
        ii. Computer software.
        iii. Internet.
        iv. E-commerce.
    b. Problem solving:
        i. Artificial intelligence.
        ii. Binary and decimal system e.g. 0000 1100 in binary code equals 12 in decimal.
        iii. Algorithms.
    c. HTML = web design: create and write web pages in HTML code. Optional:
        i. Optional: Flash. Develop beginning Flash programs to incorporate into your web pages.
        ii. Optional: JavaScript. Beginning JavaScript to incorporate into your web pages.
   d. Scratch = cartoon animation and games through programming.
   e. Robotics * = build a Lego robot, write programs on the computer and upload them to the robot e.g. race
       your robot against others, have the robot solve a maze, etc. Requires parental consent form!
   f. Python = programming language. Serves as an intro to Java (= A.P. Computer Science).
   g. Optional: AppInventor 2. Learn how to write apps for Android based cell phones or Android based
   h. Optional: Cyber Forensics. Learn initial cryptology, hidden messages in files, etc.
   i. Optional: Java. Java is a computer programming language and taught in A.P. Computer Science.
   j. Optional: E-textiles = design / sew o.a. a wristband, banner and clothing with programmable LED lights.
   k. Optional: Learn keyboard typing with 10 fingers.
   l. Optional: Cisco networking. Cisco online class with software (= Packet Tracer) simulating a virtual
      network of computers, routers, switches, hubs, Internet, etc.
  m. Optional: Cyber Security. There is also an after school club that participates in the Cyber Patriot
  n. Optional: Microsoft certification.
  o. Videos that may be shown:
      i. PBS Frontline Digital Nation 1.
      ii. PBS Frontline Digital Nation 2.
      iii. PBS Frontline Generation Like.
      iv. Tagged.
      v. BBC Inside the Dark Web.

• Late work loses 5 points off for each day late with a maximum of 25 points less for turning in work 1 week or later.
• Illness or legitimate absences are valid excuses and do not constitute a 5 points less / day.
• Make up work can be submitted until the last week of the Term.
90 - 100% = A
80 - 89 % = B
70 - 79% = C
60 - 69% = D
Less than 60% = F
                                                                                                      Dr. Marcel M. van Baal.
* Please note, a signed parental form has to be on file in order to participate in the Robotics unit (see ParentStudentAgreementLetter attachment).