Verdugo Hills High School

English Class

Course Description

Teacher - Ms. Morales

Room - 237

Email - 

Office hours - by appointment

Tutoring - by appointment

Schedule - VHHS Bell Schedule

Remind - af263kd

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Schoology - All class assignments, rubrics, feedback, and grades will be posted on Schoology at


Class purpose - The major purpose of this course is to analyze literature and expository text in greater depth and produce complex writing assignments. Students will continue to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier grades with more refinement, depth, and sophistication with grade-appropriate material (LAUSD Publication No. SC-863.8).

Mastery grading of learning targets - This course is structured using educational research that supports Mastery Learning and Grading practices. Goals for this course will be set through standards-based learning targets. Growth toward these goals will be measured through the use of proficiency scales and formative assessments.

These tools are designed to support self-monitoring. It is the student’s responsibility to use teacher, peer, and self-evaluative feedback from classroom practice to guide growth towards proficiency in all learning targets. Teacher feedback will clearly highlight the current level of progress with actionable steps and resources/correctives that will support continued progress toward learning targets.

Final grade calculation - A final grade will be determined using the final score in each learning target and the mastery rubric. If you have any questions about your current level of proficiency in any learning target, please schedule a conference with the teacher immediately.