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On 6/1/2022 @ ~ 12:20 PM, VHHS will be holding a Lockdown DRILL to PRACTICE procedures for responding to an an incident requiring a lockdown of the school.

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Found in Maui: Class ring of 1959. Please contact [email protected] if you know the owner.

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David Cavanaugh 1972 Santa Rosa Ca USA
Cherrie Marie Velante 1998 San Jacinto CA U.S.A.
Mark A.Miller 1980
John Abboushi 1979 Cookeville TN
Tim Abe 1976
Josie Abeygunaratne Castro 1990 London UK
Elena Abreu Gutierrez 1981 Bakersfield California US
Renessa Aceto Cook 1990 Green Valley Lake CA USA
Renessa Aceto Cook 1990 Green Valley Lake CA
darlene ackley williams 1971 phx. az. usa
Joseph Acuna 1997 TX
Ralph Adame 1986
Blanca Adame Moscot 1995 Los Angeles CA
Michael Adams 1965 Kelseyville CA
Andrea Adams Hunsaker 1965 Kelseyville CA
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