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The year grad was cancelled

Sender Mark Nichol
Posted On 2008-10-06
Year 1980
Memoir I remember Arlan Jewell getting a fire cracker spark on his neck and the next thing the grad ceremonies were cancelled.. It seemed as thought the fire crackers and all of the excitement for the then principal were too much to handle and then it was over faster than it started. Caps and gowns were handed in to collect diplomas and the whole thing went off the rail again when someone grabbed the gowns and lit them on fire in a dumpster. Those were the days. I was just a Canadian living amongst yu'all but had the best time of my life. Thanks for the good times. I now live on an Island off the west coast of British Columbia with my wife of 20 years and 3 children who know nothing of my life in the US. I am a Financial Advisor and Branch Manager for 3 Investment Advisors and would not trade my life for any one.

As for the days at Verdugo, I remember Corvette Summer (movie 1978) and Narc's always on patrol. The burritos served at the lunch counter, Keltner Glenn what ever that was (cheerleader practice) Taking off for the beach and getting high or drunk and fighting for the home team at football games.

Check your yearbook , I was there.

Mark Nichol

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