Verdugo Hills High School

Memoirs » The Best Class of 72 and 73

The Best Class of 72 and 73

Sender Naomi Poland-Bennett
Posted On 2009-06-01
Year 1973
Memoir Let's see,...... sitting on the rock wall before school, and watching the Russo's to the Needhams, Bennett, cruise their lowerd cars. Best time of my life.......Hanging with Brook Moran to Renee Elmo, Augie Lopez,Gilbert Cambaliza,Jay and Craig Skinner, Karen Lorreto,Steve Flanders,Marsha Murphy, Lorrie Ross, Dave & Danny Needham, Karen McCoy, Anne Gruss, Sally Kushner, Genny and Dave Erickson-hanging out with Greg Smith @ copper Penny, drinking coffee all night and knick name was always Polar Bear I even carved my name in the women's VP office wooded bench The best of the story, I married one of the biggest lamers David Bennett! 24 years ago last month! It feels like yesterday, cutting school, and go to the canyon and hanging out with my friends.........

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