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The Start of Success

Sender Bryce Freeman
Posted On 2010-11-23
Year 05-06
Memoir The fall year of 2005, my senior year. Now look Tujunga isn't anywhere close to what a Texas city would have centered around their highschool football team, but "WE" changed everything. "WE" started off 0-2 against really legit football teams Kennedy and Burroughs. "WE" were a young team, junior quarterback who was an all star, a senior(also the best defensive player on the team, a true team captain) and sopohmore running back team who left people with headaches every play, three undersized receivers, two seniors 5'7" each but with speed to take it to the end zone from anywhere on the field, and a junior receiver who never was scared to go across the middle or up as high as he could for the ball, a line backer all city all everything merged tight end, the O-Line was the biggest and most dominating of any team in our at once SunSetSix.

"WE" had play makers at every position on the field at every point in the game. "WE" brought football to this town and this school, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS felt like the movie our homecoming game of '05. First play of the game 99 yard kick return touchdown by yours truely, and "WE" never looked back. Holding the SunSetSix League Championship was my GREATEST highschool memory. "WE" my brothers and my coaches fought everyday and every night and did something that had not been done in 20 years and thats hold a trophy above our heads. To all my 02-03-04-05 team mates miss you all and will never forget the fall of 2005

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