Verdugo Hills High School

Free Tutoring Daily from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Room 158. Stop by Room 158 for tutoring and college counseling after school on a daily basis.

Online Donations Now Accepted!

We are excited to announce the unveiling of our new partnership with PayPal which makes donating to Verdugo Hills High School convenient and painless!
  1. Simply click "Donate Now" on our website and you will be taken to the Verdugo Hills High School PayPal  Donation page.
  2. If you want your donation specified to a certain fund (such as the 75th Annviersary, scholarships, football, Band, or anythiing else), click "Add Special Instructions" and write in where you want your donation to go.
  3. Follow the directions to complete the transaction. You can print a receipt for tax purposes.
 It's that easy! We are in the process of raising funds for our 75th Anniversary and our many school programs. Budgets are at an historic low in LAUSD, so any donation is gladly appreciated. Thank you!!! It's GREAT to be a Don!

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