Verdugo Hills High School

Free Tutoring Daily from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Room 158. Stop by Room 158 for tutoring and college counseling after school on a daily basis.

Students under 18 need parental authorization to use the Internet in school.

Students over 18 can sign their own form. The form has to be renewed every academic year. Last year’s are no longer valid.

Upon completion of this form, the student has to turn it in to Dr. M. van Baal in the Computer Room, before school or period 1 or 2. He will punch the Verdugo Hills student I.D. card with a musical note ♪ this year. If the musical note ♪ is absent, students CANNOT use the Internet in school.

Please print the attached document, have it signed and return it to the Computer Room with the student I.D.
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