Verdugo Hills High School

Free Tutoring Daily from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Room 158. Stop by Room 158 for tutoring and college counseling after school on a daily basis.

Weekly Bulletin Online

We will post news and events here as well as in the calendar section of the website. There are a few other places to get info, too. Go to our Facebook Page (and "like" us) and also sign-up for a Twitter account and "follow us" on Twitter. With the website calendar and news, Facebook, Twitter, the Weekly Bulletin, and weekly phone calls, you should be good to go (if you are not getting a call nearly every Sunday at 7 pm, please call the attenance office and update you contact information). You can also e-mail Dr. Trimis at or call 818-951-5400 for information. Dr. Trimis' "hotline" number is (818) 925-8447 (818-925-VHHS).
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