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Faculty Profile: Scott Kemple

One of the institutions at Verdugo isn't a club, organization, or program, it's our own math star and AP Calculus guru, Scott Kemple. Mr. Kemple has a reputation for taking the most complex of math concepts and breaking them down so not only the average math-capable person can understand them, but even students (and staff) who are math-challenged, just get it. You may know that he has had great success with his students getting 3's, 4's, and 5's on their AP Calculus tests (typically more 5's than the rest), but you may not know he has also had students take both Calculs AB AND Calculus BC and score 5's on both! You also may not know that every student in every CAHSEE Prep class he has taught has gone on to pass the CAHSEE!  In "Rate My Teacher", students said, "BEST math and overall teacher I have ever had." and "KEMPLE IS THE MATH EQUAL OF CHUCK NORRIS". Scott Kemple has been an educator with the LAUSD for 26+ years and a math teacher at Verdugo Hills High School since his first day in the classroom. He started teaching A.P. calculus in 1993, and also serves as chair of the math department and the golf coach. He won the first Jaime Escalante AP Award in 2011. You can find him on campus inspiring his AP Calculus students, working with his math department on their latest assessments, talking golf with his team, or grilling up hot dogs for the staff at home football games.

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