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Teacher Profile: Verdugo's Nationally Board Certified Teachers

Created by teachers, for teachers, National Board Certification is the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching. It is:
In order to be a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, you need to go through an extensive application process which includes sample lessons, videos or your teaching an more
It is quite an honor and most schools only have a few teachers who qualify. We are super proud of our Nationally Board Certified Teachers (left to right in the photo) Mr. Romuald David, Ms. Raquel Franco, Mr. Romuald David, Ms. Gevarra-Lewis, and Mr. William Graves! 

Romuald David (Physics/Math) is the Mathematics Department Co-Chair and teaches Mathematics & Physics including Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Honor's Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus -BC, Physics, and AP Physics). Mr. David has been teaching at Verdugo since 2003. What some people may not know about Mr. David is he is not only an outstanding teacher, but has mad dancing skills. He often teaches classes in various types of dance including salsa!

Raquel V. Franco (Spanish, World Languages Chair) has been working in the education field for 26 years.   She joined the Verdugo Hills staff in 1993 and has been the chairperson of the World Languages and Cultures department for 18 years. Ms. Franco has a Bachelors degree in Spanish Language and Culture and a Masters in TESOL.  She also received her National Board Certification in 2003 and renewed it successfully in 2013.  At Verdugo she has been a class sponsor, Dean of Attendance, and co-sponsor of the Spanish club.  Ms. Franco has taught all levels of Spanish, including AP Spanish Literature and AP Spanish Language and Culture, which she continues to teach every Spring.  She hopes to continue to share her love of the Spanish language and Latin-American cultures with her students through her teaching and involvement in the Spanish Club activities.

Elva Guevarra-Lewis (Math) worked as an actuary for a Fortune500 company and later as a project executive for a multimedia company before becoming an educator in 2005.  She joined the Verdugo High School Math Department in 2008 and has since been a full-time teacher with our Multi-Media Magnet.  Ms. Guevarra-Lewis received her National Board Certification in 2010.  She continues to explore new avenues  of disseminating knowledge and preparing students for higher education by collaborating with the local colleges and high schools.  Her goal is to put our students up to par with industry demands and standards.  You can find her in Room 29 tutoring during lunch and during her conference period.

William Graves (Physics) was born in San Rafael, California on May 6, 1953.  The first address as shown on his birth certificate was San Quentin Prison as his father was the prison doctor at that time. He received my undergraduate degree, BS in Biology, from Occidental College in 1976 and master's degree, MS in M.F.C.C. (As a Psychology Major), from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1986.  As a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Graves was a Science Teacher and Boy Scout Leader in Kenya from 1976 through 1978 under the British System of Education (Forms 1-4) equal to grades 8-11 in this country.  He joined LAUSD in September, 1984 and worked as a science teacher for 15 years at Gage Middle School in Huntington Park before moving to John Marshall High School in 1999 to teach science at that location for 12 years. He then moved to Helen Bernstein High School in Hollywood. Graves is now in his second year at Verdugo Hills High School, is loving it at Verdugo and plans to remain here for as long he can. Tujunga is also his hometown and therefore he has a greater vested interest in the success of our students.  Though Graves is currently teaching Physics, he is also credentialed to teach Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. Additionally, he likes using technology in my teaching. For sports, he enjoys skiing (not snowboarding) and hiking and also plays the piano. Graves is married to a wonderful woman and they have one beautiful 28 year old daughter who just received her license to practice medicine.

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