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Hairspray Cast Announced!

 Congratulations to all! This show will be AMAZING!!!!! Tickets available in the Spring! Sponsorship and program ads available soon! 


2016 Verdugo Hills High School Cast List:

Tracy Turnblad – Kelly Sachs            

Edna Turnblad – Narbeh Zakani

Penny Pingleton – Sara Weed         

Seaweed J. Stubbs –Jon Aldridge

Amber Von Tussle – Michaela Mahoney

Link Larkin – Jeremy Elliot

Wilbur Turnblad – Juda Gonzalez

Velma Von Tussle – Sienna Wescott

Corny Collins – Craig Whelan

Motormouth Maybelle –Luz Rodriguez

Prudy Pingleton –Tania Aleksanian

Little Inez –Demi Johnson

The Dynamites

Demi Johnson                        Aliah White                          Shyonta Glothon


Council Members               LouAnn – Mercedes Rodriguez

Emely Callejas            Emma Weber                         Shelby Haas

Zayar Lin                    Gabriela DeJesus                   Eddy Moreno           


Seaweed’s Friends ‐ Gilbert–D’Angelo Glothon Duane – Amill Wilson-Bundy

Lorraine – Shyonta Gothon              Cindy – Aliah White


Harriman F. SpritzerAndy Coreas

Prison Matron/Guard – Aalyssa David


Ensemble                 Tylor Fowler             Sara Karamians         Alyssa Partain

                                      Linda Salegio            Diana Lopez               Edith Garcia


Principal, Mr. Pinky, Female Gym TeacherTBA

Congratulations to all who participated in the audition process!

Attached Files Source: "You Can't Stop the Beat" YouTube
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