Verdugo Hills High School

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Good News from Verdugo!

  1.  Verdugo Hills HS had their annual Valentines Events last week including singing telegrams, mock weddings, and balloon grams. The events build school spirit and community and are an attendance incentive.
  2. Verdugo Hills HS Cyber Patriot Team completed for the first time ever this year and both boys and girls teams did well and might go to finals (have not heard yet).
  3. VHHS Wrestling Team (boys and girls teams) completed their FIRST EVER wrestling season! Boys League Match was Saturday.
  4. VHHS Writing for Musical Theatre: Music, Lyrics, and Book class was visited this week by the CEO of the Foundation for a New American musical theater. Students are going to several events this week at the Wallis Theatre in Beverly Hills including a workshop with Stephen Schwartz, composer for "Wicked". The class is one of the only of its kind in the nation. Minuet Azani, one of the students, attended a performance in Beverly Hills at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts of our sister class' original 10 minute musicals. Our students will present their original ten-minute musicals in May.
  5. VHHS SRLA Students participated Sunday, 2/14/16, in the LA Marathon. This is our SRLA Coach with one of our runners.
  6. Christopher Leon, VHHS class of 2016, was awarded The Region 16 ACSA Every Student Succeeding Award. Christopher will be recognized at a formal ACSA Banquet in May and the Annual Conference in November. He will graduate on stage in June.
  7. Our Army JROTC Students attended the district JROTC military ball on Saturday. Frances Gibson took this picture. The students had a great time. Our battalion commander, who is also the number one alternate on the school board, Taylor Hanes ('16) was recognized for being number 2 in the state for her entry in the Voice of Democracy Essay Competition sponsored by the VFW. She traveled to Sacramento a few weeks ago and was honored at a banquet there.
  8. Our Unified Sports and other sports for our special needs students as part of our Adaptive PE class continues to grow. Recently we had games in hi5 basketball, unified basketball, and wheelchair basketball. This photo is from our wheelchair basketball game against Grant HS. It was pretty awesome.
  9. Verdugo Hills HS participated in the Grammy in the Schools Life event at Club Nokia on Thursday night. One of our students, William Torres, was selected to be one of the student speakers for the event. Verdugo Hills HS has also been recognized as a Signature School by the Grammy Foundation.
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