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More than a Meal Federal Application

The federal meal application has traditionally been viewed as just the opportunity for students to apply to receive a free meal at school, but this program is so much more.  The funding that is associated with the federal application not only provides our students with free or reduced lunch, but it is also the reason that Verdugo is able to purchase Class Size Reduction Teachers in order to offer our students our very successful block schedule.  The federal application also allows for qualified students to be able to access fee waivers for college applications, AP tests, and SAT/ACT registration.  Traditionally approximately 68% of our student body qualifies for the program and we need everyone's help to make this percentage again.  The funding for LCFF is public record and you can follow this link ( ) to see the funds that have been granted to Verdugo Hills High School and many of our neighboring schools.  Our goal at Verdugo is that our students receive their fair share of the public monies to offer our students the educational resources that they deserve.


Please take the time to follow the link below to apply for the Federal Application for Title I and TSP funds. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Arturo Barcenas at Verdugo Hills High School at (818) 951-5400. Source: LAUSD Federal Funds Application
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