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Join Verdugo's Admin team for an Informational Parent Night on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

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Parent and Student Handbook

Whether students are in a classroom at school or at home, our commitment to your children is to provide them with the best possible education. We hope this guide can help you and your child navigate the challenges involved in online learning.
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VHHS Band and Colorguard Registration

VHHS Band and Colorguard Registration

Being a Marching Don is a great way to earn PE and art credits while being part of a team that will challenge you to create an exciting show that will represent our school and community throughout Southern California. You can hone your leadership and creative skills through playing wind instruments, percussion, and colorguard/drill team. Being part of our team is a great way to navigate the difficulties of high school since we are all here to support each other during your time at Verdugo Hills High School.
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VHHS Academy Virtual Yearbook

Dear Seniors,

The Verdugo Hills Academy faculty and staff got together and created a virtual yearbook for you.

Congratulations on your graduation!

We are very proud of each one of you.

Please don't forget all the great experiences you had at Verdugo and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Now go out and change the world!

And always remember, "Once a Don Always a Don!"

Take Care,
Dr. Peterson
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Music Makes Things Better

We missed our festival and competition season, but that did not stop us from making music. I hope you enjoy our rendition to You Make Me feel Like A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. We do not own the rights of this music. It is used only for Educational purposes. This recording was done remotely.
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Three winners in CodeWars: Alex, James and Daniel!

Congratulations to Daniel Torres Pomares, Alex Yeghikian and James Streett who placed first in this national online competition. CodeWars is a first-class computer programming competition for high school students. The participants have to write computer programs to solve 31 questions. James, Alex and Daniel used the computer language Java. They were first time participants and won the novice division.

Click on the CodeWars 2020 picture above to see their score under their team name "BeanBrothers."
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