Verdugo Hills High School

Free Tutoring Daily from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Room 158. Stop by Room 158 for tutoring and college counseling after school on a daily basis.
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Chromebook Checkout

Click on the link in the right hand column to reserve a Chromebook cart:

Cart I: Mr. A. Espindola, room 111 Reserve Cart I
Cart II: Ms. A. Leserman, room 13 Reserve Cart II
Cart III: Dr. S. Norton, room 129 Reserve Cart III
Cart IV: Mr. A. Peterson, room 210
Reserve Cart IV
Cart V: Mr. R. Abovian, room 135
Reserve Cart V
Cart VI: Mr. A. Peterson, room 210
Reserve Cart VI
Cart VII: Mrs. V. Mendez, room 201 Reserve Cart VII
Cart VIII: Mr. B. Ryan, room 21 Reserve Cart VIII
Cart IX: Mrs. E. Guevarra Lewis, room 152
Reserve Cart IX
Cart X: Mrs. T. Revel, room 109
Reserve Cart X
Cart XI: Ms. N. Meraz, Knapp gym Reserve Cart XI
Cart XII: Ms. A. Talbot, room 237
Reserve Cart XII
Cart XIII: Mr. W. Reinhart, room 31
Reserve Cart XIII
Cart XIV: Mrs. L. Arreguin, Computer Room Reserve Cart XIV