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9th Grade Bridge is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11th through Thursday, August 13th from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Click on link in News and Announcements for more information.
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Distance Learning
What is Distance Learning?
Distance Learning will allow our students to continue learning in grade level and course-specific content without having to be physically present in a classroom. While distance learning is not the same as in-classroom learning, it will allow teachers to provide student with instruction through online classes, video recordings, video conferencing, or a variety of other audio/visual technology medium. we will continue to provide learning activities based on our content standards and expected learning outcomes. VHHS teachers will provide lessons, assignments, and activities that are based on content standards and expected learning outcomes. The primary medium for instruction will be conducted through Schoology, but teachers will integrate other online learning platforms as needed to provide students with the best learning experience possible.
In an effort to maintain routines and provide consistency to student, we have adapted a new Distance Learning Bell Schedule below. Please know that we absolutely understand that each family has different set of circumstance regarding school closure, which is why our teachers are working hard to primarily design distance learning lessons and activities that allow a great deal of flexibility for students to log-on and complete lessons and assignments based on student's own schedule. However, many of our teachers are also conducting live lessons during their designated period time to offer students with an added layer of support in their learning process. If for any reason a student is not able to log-in during the scheduled live lesson, students should email the teacher to make alternative arrangements for accessing the covered content.  It is absolutely imperative that students log-on to Schoology on a daily basis to access learning materials. Students will submit their work electronically via Schoology and other platforms as indicated by the teacher. Teachers will review the students' electronic work and provide feedback.
We Are in This Together!
We are in this togetherAs we embark on this unexpected and unprecedented undertaking of distance learning experience, is is important that we remind ourselves to be patient with ourselves and with our school community as a whole. Although we are not able to be together physically, you still very much have the love and support of your Don's family. We encourage you to reach out to your teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators not only for help, but just say hello and check in. While not being physically together is incredibly challenging, we are ready for this challenge and believe whole heartedly that you are too.