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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 is a MINIMUM DAY! Students will be dismissed at 12:37 p.m.
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Copy of Students

VHHS Student Announcements Video
December newspaper
Click on the picture to access the VHHS's student newspaper:
Click on the picture to access VHHS's student newspaper:
La Yuca October 2020
Click on the picture to access VHHS's student newspaper:

Distance Learning Student Expectations


      • All classes will use Schoology for learning engagements.
        • Textbooks and all other learning materials will be provided by VHHS. If you need textbooks, please email us at: 
        • All materials, lessons, resources, and online tools will be posted on or linked to Schoology.
      • Teachers may utilize optional video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Hangout, Schoology) to conduct live lessons or office hours. 
      • Email may also be used for communication between students and teachers. Emails must be sent to and rom LAUSD email addresses.
        • Announcements will be posted on Schoology and/or emailed to students.
        • Students are expected to monitor Schoology and LAUSD email account on a daily basis. 
        • You will be able to monitor your grades during distance learning via Schoology.


student expectations

zoom etiquet Recommendations

    • Maintain normal routines as much as possible
        • Sticking to school day wakeup times
        • School night bedtime hours
        • Completing academic work during normal school hours as best as possible
    • Continue adhere to CDC recommendations
        • Wash your hands
        • Cover a cough or sneeze
        • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth
        • Keep your distance
        • STAY HOME
    • Sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet all help to boost our immune system.


VHHS Administration reserves the right to make needed adjustments to these expectations as needed without prior notice.

Student Orientation 
Student Orientation
VHHS Staff Sending LOVE to Our Students 
Performance by Verdugo Voices
During this time of distress, music is what gives us hope and gives us peace. This clip was done during quarantine, and we would love to share this with you. We do not own the rights to this piece of music and we are using it for educational purposes only. Enjoy!
La Yuca June
Here is your Verdugo Hills Virtual Academy Yearbook! Click on the link below to access.
Verdugo Academy Virtual Yearbook
Class of 2020 Graduation Parade Information
Graduation Parade
Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Information
Virtual Graduation Information SheetInstructions
La YucaPlease click on the file below.