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College Announcements and Information

Fee Waivers - There have been a number of questions regarding Fee Waivers for CSU, UC, the NCAA and the Common Application.  Fee Waivers for the CSU and UC campuses are found at the end of the on-line application; you DO NOT need a paper fee waiver from the college office.  Each system (CSU and UC) will grant you up to four waivers if approved.  The Common Application and NCAA have a similar system; you will request a fee waiver for the applications through the on-line process.
Proprietary Colleges - Did you know some colleges operate for PROFIT, like a business?  These schools are called PROPRIETARY and in most cases, they are schools you have seen on tv or heard about on radio commercials like: DeVry, Brooks, Everest, ITT and UEI.  Currently, LAUSD does not allow these schoold to recruit on campuses so, you will not get information about their programs in the VHHS College Office. 
Each school offers an expensive version of a degree or certificate that you can earn at our local public schools.  Many of these proprietary schools no longer take Cal Grant.  For a list, click on the link below entitled 2017-2018 Ineligible Cal Grant Schools.  If you are contacted by a represenative directly, be carfeful.  Read the fine print, ask if they are accrediated and ask lots of questions.  Come by the College Office before committing to one of these schools!