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Financial Aid & Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers
There are many types of Fee Waivers, SAT, ACT and for College Applications.  You can qualifiy for an SAT or ACT fee waiver if you have a current LAUSD approved Free or Reduced Lunch Application on file.  To obtain Waivers for these tests, come by the College Office, room 141.
To obtain Fee Waivers for your College Applications, you will need to request the waiver in the application process for CSUs (section 12) at the end of the UC and the Common Applications.  Also, many private colleges and universities will grant you an application fee waiver if you request one from them directly.
It is much harder to get an application fee waiver from UCs and CSUs, in fact, even if you qualify for free lunch you may NOT get an application fee waiver.  DO NOT GIVE UP, you can print the Fee Waiver form below and mail it in as an appeal; be sure and send it to each campus you applied to via US Mail, if you are still required to pay - DO IT.  YOU STILL MEET FEDERAL GUIDELINES FOR FAFSA and CAL GRANT!
CSS Profile - This is needed if you are applying for financial aid at private colleges and universities.  See the pdf file below for more information.
FAFSA - Get ready to complete this application starting January 1st!