Verdugo Hills High School

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 is a MINIMUM DAY! Students will be dismissed at 12:37 p.m.

STEMM Magnet Teachers

Media & Design Arts


Kevin Yip (Digital Media), an alumni of Verdugo Hills High School, graduated from Cal-Poly. A founding teacher in our magnet, Mr. Yip teachers Media & Design, Photoshop, Interactive Media, Flash Animation, and HTML programing in his Digital Imaging Classes. In addition to teaching his classes, he runs our advanced digital imaging production lab -- a fully functioning design studio. In addition to his proficiency with most professional graphics applications, Mr. Yip is an A+ certified. Mr. Yip is equally skilled in traditional arts, teaching Drawing and Painting over the summers. Finally, Mr. Yip's freelance graphic projects allows him to keep our students updated on the latest industry expectations and best practices.  You can see a sample of Mr. Yip's skills in his design of our STEMM logo and various work for the school. 

Social Science

Romik Abovian teaches World History, AP US History, Government/Economics in the STEMM magnet.

Mr. Berg  Kurt Berg has been a a social studies teacher at Verdugo Hills High School since 2014.  He currently teaches AP Government, honors economics, and U.S. History.  He believes that digital literacy is one of the keys to success in our 21st century global economy and makes regular use of technology to enhance and extend classroom instruction. Mr. Berg has a BA in History from UC Berkeley and an MA in Educational Technology from CSUN.

Tami Revel teaches World History in the STEMM magnet.


Karla Heerman started in the magnet in 2011.  Like many students in LAUSD, Mrs. Heerman immigrated to Los Angeles from El Salvador when she was five years old.  After graduating form North Hollywood High School, she continued her education at at Los Valley College and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in English and a minor in French.

Julianne Long believes in the power of literature to lift and enhance our lives. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, with a Bachelors degree in Fine and Communication Arts, and a graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills, with a Masters in Literature.  Ms. Long brings an enthusiasm of the written word to her students every day. In her classes, students read challenging texts while also examining the views of Hobbes, Kant, Mill, and Machiavelli to make critical thematic connections. In addition, she works to include stories and novels with a futuristic bent to compare them to today's technology so students may better understand and evaluate the direction our world is taking and their role in that evolution. Students in her Journalism class produce a top-notch newspaper while learning the importance of factual accuracy, the editing process, and the delivery of an informative news source for their community. Journalism on a transcript shows prospective colleges and employers that a student is reliable, detail- and deadline-oriented, and cognizant of the power of the written word. Ms. Long has enjoyed teaching for over 27 years and plans on continuing sharing her knowledge and passion for literature with many more generations of students.  


Susan Norton


Ms. E. Guevarra-Lewis teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra in the STEMM Magnet.

Arno Madathian

Kyle Ramstad teaches Geometry in the STEMM Magnet. In his free time, he enjoys doing math, playing video and board games, and playing music. He also enjoys working with and experimenting with robots. He advises the Technology & Robotics club at VHHS. If you enjoy working with computers then his class is the one you should join. Mr. Ramstad's students use Chromebooks almost daily to interact with each other and mathematics in new and fun ways.


Dave Warren teaches Biology and Physics in the STEMM Magnet.

Ms. Mendez teaches Chemistry and Biology in the STEMM Magnet.


Jared Gregory Gibson teaches PE in the STEMM Magnet.