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Transition Services


Welcome to the District Office of Transition Services (DOTS) at Verdugo Hills High School 


DOTS is a part of the Division of Special Education with the responsibility to coordinate the planning and delivery of transition services for all students with disabilities, beginning at age 14 (or younger, if appropriate) to prepare them for transition from school to adult living.

At the high school level, transition teachers support Individual Transition Plan (ITP) compliance, provide transition instruction and assessment, make connections or referrals to outside agencies, assist students with post-secondary planning, run supported work programs, and perform other duties to ensure successful student post-secondary transition. Transition teachers also facilitate
 job development, placement and follow up services for student workers in the supported work programs. 

Individual Transition Plan (ITP)

Transition planning is written in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) in a section referred to as the Individual Transition Plan.  The ITP section of the IEP is reviewed and revised at least once a year as part of the IEP meeting.  Transition plans can begin earlier than age 14 if the IEP teams determines it is appropriate.  An ITP is intended to help the students plan for post-secondary living that may include any of the following: Post-secondary Education, Supported/Competitive Emploment and Independent Living.
The results of transition planning are documented in the ITP.  The specific items documented are: Agency involvement, if any; transition assessments conducted and their results; the student's interests and preferences; the course of study; post-secondary goals related to education/training; employment and, if appropriate, independent living skills; transition activities to help the student achieve the post-secondary goals; and people responsible for helping the student complete transition activities.  For more information reqarding the ITP and its components please see the following links: The ITP & You (English)  or EI ITP Y TU (Espanol).

Students and families are crucial to the development of the ITP.  Students need to take an active role in the ITP by providing information regarding personal strengths, abilities, needs, preferences and interests.  Parents also take an active role by asking questions regarding assessments, communicating concerns and supporting their child with transition activities.