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Chris Burns (CNN anchor)

Chris Burns
Verdugo Hills High School Class of 1976

Chris Burns
is CNN's Frankfurt bureau chief and correspondent. Named to this position in 2001, Burns previously was CNN's Berlin bureau chief and correspondent.

In 2003, Burns spent several months working as a White House correspondent for CNN. In addition to all administration issues, he reported on the escalating tension between the United States and Iraq.

In September 2001, Burns went to Central Asia, including Northern Afghanistan, to cover the international aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on theWorld Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon inWashington, D.C. Additionally, Burns has reported on German and international stories, including the 10th anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall and German unification, as well as the Kosovo conflict and its aftermath, and Eastern Europe's struggle to reform and integrate into the European Union. Burns covered the German government's 1999 return to Berlin and its growing international role, the CDU Party's politicalfinancing scandal and the downfall of Helmut Kohl, neo-Nazi violence in Germany, Austrian far-rightleader Joerg Haider, the mad cow disease crisis, the October 2000 terrorist attack on the USS Cole, the Austrian ski train fire in November 2000 and the Afghan jetliner hijacking of February 2000. Also in 1999, Burns covered the Turkish earthquake in Duzce, the trial of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and theAustrian avalanches, and he provided live reports from London during CNN's millennium night coverage.

Before joining CNN, Burns worked for the Associated Press from 1984-1998, where he covered stories including the death of Princess Diana, the death of French President Frangois Mitterrand, the violence by Algerian, Corsican and Basque militants, the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and the crisis in Somalia in 1992. Before joining the AP, Burns worked in radio in the United States and also with ABC News in Rome.

Burns holds a bachelor's degree in Political Economy and French from Berkeley. He spent one year studying in Berkeley's program in France and pursued post-graduate studies in Germany and Italy. Burns is fluent in French, German, Italian and Spanishand holds dual French/U.S. citizenship.

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