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Frank Piersol (LAPD chief)

Frank Piersol
Verdugo Hills High School Class of 1962

Frank Piersol
was the LAPD Assistant Chief and retired in 1998 after 33 years of service. Frank had a remarkable background, as his never knew nor met his father and had to take care of his mother at an early age. His mother became physically handicapped when Frank was 9 years old. The family ended up in the Sunland Tujunga area, and Frank credits part of his success to the schooling he received at Verdugo Hills High School. During his High School football games, Frank used to o home and pick up his mother, who was wheelchair bound, and push her to the games and back home again.

Dan Honey (Verdugo Hills High Graduate of 1967) had the privilege to work under Frank Piersol's command on separate occasions during the course of his career. Frank managed by example. He was always approachable and gave an individual his undivided attention. He inspired his troops to be productive yet remain respectful of the public they served. Frank understood these principles long before they became newsworthy.

It was no small feat to rise to the level of assistant chief--one step below Chief of Police. Here are some examples of his illustrious career. Frank's efforts were critical to the safe environment of the 1984 Olympics. He was promoted to assistant chief soon after the 1992 riots. He was instrumental in rebuilding LAPD's relationship with the public.

Frank is extraordinary speaker and instructor. He is currently using those skills teaching Tools for Tolerance for Law Enforcement at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in West Los Angeles. Frank Piersol is a remarkable individual whose past and current accomplishments should make VHHS alumni proud.

Special thanks to Dan Honey for his assistance with this profile.