Verdugo Hills High School

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eBooks: How To & Apps

VHHS now offers all students free ebook access through Open Ebooks
Ebooks via the Public Library

If our library does not have what you are looking for, it is possible our public libraries might. You can download ebooks from the Los Angeles Public Library or from the County of Los Angeles Public Library using the Overdrive App or Website.  Overdrive allows you to read ebooks and magazines on your ereader (Kindle or Nook) or to read it in the Overdrive app.   
To borrow ebooks from either library, you must have your library card number and your PIN.  Each library has direction on how to borrow ebooks and audiobooks or you can use Overdrive's getting started page. You may register more than one library in the app and switch between them within the app.  Once you borrow a book it is automatically returned when due so you have no late fees.  For more help, see Ms. Cheby for a demo. 
Teachers may also apply online for a library card from LACOE and borrow ebooks and audiobooks from LACOE's elibrary.   Their collection specializes in resources for educators.