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Library Computer Lab Expansion Project: See the story!

Thanks to LAUSD Board Member Monica Ratliff and to LAUSD Local District NE Superintendent Byron Maltez for funding our project.  

Here are photos of the new lab, but scroll down to see the whole story of how we took a year to lobby to bring our library into the 21st Century to create digital ready and information literate graduates!

Help Our Library Complete our Computer Lab Renovation to Meet our Mission!

The Library and Research Center Computer Lab renovation will bridge the technology gap for our students.  A major barrier to success for our students is the lack of access to technology and instruction in how to use technology for academic and professional purposes. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) demand students be able to find, access, evaluate, and use multiple types of media.  Much of our library collection is accessible only through the internet or other digital platforms. This project will double the number of  computers  for student use within the library in order for them to develop the skills and habits of mind needed to be information and technologically literate citizens.


What We Need & Why We Need Your Help

We need furniture and electrical rewiring to be able to set up and use all our computers.


How did we end up with 40 computers and for a lab with space for only 20?  In 2014-15, Verdugo Hills Budget Committee allocated funds for a  full renovation.


The projected budget for the school ended up not matching our actual budget, which was calculated in March and much lower. However, the money to buy the new computers for the lab came from a special technology grant that was not frozen. Now we now have 40 computers and a lab with desks and electrical/internet outlets for only 20 computers.  Here you can see the 20 computers are just waiting to be used!


To complete our renovation to provide access to our new computers and to facilitate instruction on computer and literacy skills, we need:  

  • 7 hexagonal computer workstations: $12,983

  • 41 Scholar Ovation Task Chairs $5,840

  • 1 Projector/Laptop Cart $284

  • 2 Projection Screens $138

  • 2 sets of brackets for screens  $63

  • electrical and internet wiring to the 7 workstations $25,000

This total comes to $44,308


See our Slide Show for More Info on the Why and How this Connects to the CCSS

A Bit About Our Students & How They Will Benefit

In our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Magnet, Multimedia & Technology Magnet, and our comprehensive high school, Verdugo Hills High School attracts  students with interests ranging from AP Computer Science to musical theater to environmental studies. 

Almost 75% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunches.  About 70% of our students are classified as Long Term English Language Learners, indicating many are still struggling to keep up with today's literacy demands that require reading and writing in a multiple media formats.In addition, we serve about 100 students with Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) through our Special Education program and about 100 students classified as Gifted And Talented (GATE).  While they are of a generation considered to be digital natives, the skills needed to use technology for career and college require hands-on instruction and practice.  Due to the economic and language barriers, many students to not have access to the technology and instruction outside of our school, resulting in difficulties in keeping up with expectations of colleges and employers. 

With the completion of this computer lab, students will have access to the technology they need to be competitive in today’s world of digital information and communication.  With an average class size of 35 to 40 students, this lab will allow the librarian and teachers to present multimedia, hands-on, collaborative instruction in online research and multimedia text creations (i.e. video, podcasts, and slide presentations).  The library’s information literacy instruction curriculum includes the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness of and ability to effectively use library resources, particularly digital resources, for academic and personal information needs;

  • Bridge barriers to access to technology and digital resources for academic and personal use, such as completing research assignments, accessing homework pages, applying for colleges and/or jobs, or creating multimedia projects;

  • Educate all community members -- students, faculty and staff -- about computer literacy, information literacy, and digital citizenship;

  • Facilitate the availability of assistive technology, such as electronic, audio books, and online resources (i.e. World Book and Gale Reference Library) that provide information in multiple formats, languages and with assistive options (i.e. listen and highlight features or built in dictionaries);

  • Development of 21st Century skills to assist all students to successfully compete for college and jobs.  


Other Ways You Can Help

Even the smallest donation will help us read our goal, but if you can’t give money:

  • share this with others and help get the word out about our campaign,

  • like, retweet, and favorite our posts to boost our exposure so we can reach more donors  (even if you think your network is small or not able to give, every show of support gives us a boost in the different social media platforms for greater exposure).

Help us prepare our graduates to succeed in our 21st century digital world!