Verdugo Hills High School

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Teacher Contact Information: Please leave a message with the Main Office (818) 951-5400 for a return call or to schedule an appointment.

Class Location: Room 237

Required Assignments:
Daily class work to include:
warm-up activities, group projects, sustained silent reading,
journaling, on-going assessments and a portfolio of

Required Materials:
#2 Pencils (2) Highlighters
Colored Markers,  Paper, Black or Blue Pens

Participation: Students participate when they ask and answer questions
about our lessons. They develop behavior skills appropriate for
success in a workplace environment when they show respect for
peers and adults. Respect is demonstrated by the use of
appropriate language and through positive attitudes.

Grading: All “in-class” work, projects, homework, as well as
daily behavior points contribute to the class grade.
Therefore, attendance is extremely important in order to
obtain daily points.


1. Show RESPECT for yourself and others:
(This means taking care not to harm others verbally or physically. It
also includes positive self-respect).

2. Arrive to class on time and immediately take out supplies to
complete the first assignment listed on the board.

3. Follow school rules: absolutely no cell phone use or
other personal technology while in the class, unless you are asked to do research.

4. Practice professional, “work-place-suitable” behavior.
(This will be defined by the class and included within portfolio).

LISTEN well.

SPEAK thoughtfully.

READ daily.