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World History, Culture and Geography


Ms. Revel

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Course Description: In this course students examine major turning points in the shaping of the modern world from the late 18th Century to the present. The year begins with an introduction to current world issues and then continues with a focus on the expansion of the West and the growing independence of the people and cultures throughout the world.


Major Topics Include:

 Unresolved Problems of the Modern World

 The Rise of Democratic Ideas

 The French Revolution

 The Industrial Revolution

 Imperialism and Colonialism

 World War I and II

 Nationalism, Free Markets and Democracy in the Contemporary World


Course Objectives: Students will develop understanding of the historic as well as the contemporary geographic social, political and economic contexts in which these problems have arisen and which must be taken into account if each nation’s contemporary problems and national aspirations are to be understood. Students will be presented with differing perspectives on these issues and invents in order to develop the critical thinking skills of an informed citizen in the contemporary world.


Grading Scale: Grades are based on a point systems and will be issued as followed

            89% -100% = A                               30%- exams and quizzes

            79% - 88%  = B                               30%- projects

            65%-  78%  = C                              30%- classwork and homework

            59%-  64% = D                               10%- attendance and participation

            below 59% = Fail


Course Materials: Students will need to have paper, pen, textbook, colored pencils, notebook 


Technology: You are enrolled in a STEMM course. Access to technology is a must! Please contact me if you have concerns about the technical components of this course.